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About MySihat.

Malaysian Health Promotion Board (MySihat) is a statutory body placed under the Ministry of Health. It was established in June 2006 by the Act of Parliament (Act 651) which was officially gazetted on 1 April 2007. It is governed by an independent body consisting of representatives from relevant Ministries, NGOs, and professionals who possess expertise relevant to health promotion. The main objective of the Board is to set and develop the health promotion agenda across different sectors and settings particularly with the active participation of the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

The role of the Board is to promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles and healthy environment through various settings and sectors.

The Board undertakes to empower individual, organisations and community through trainings and other capacity building initiatives so as to improve their health and quality of life. It acts as a capacity builder for health promotion. It focuses on its roles to complements the Ministry of Health Malaysia and as a builder of partnerships and alliances for health to advocate for healthy public policy in various settings.



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