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1. What is the role of Malaysian Health Promotion Board (MySihat) ?
The role of MySihat is to set and develop the health promotion agenda across different sectors and settings with the active participation of the non-government organisations (NGOs)

2. What is Grant ?
A sum of money awarded to any registered organisation by the Board to meet the expenses, partly or wholly, of health promotion activities or programmes to be carried out by registered organisation.

3. Who are eligible for the grant ?
The application is opened to all non profit NGOs of health, sport, recreation and cultural who have registered officially with Registrar of Society (ROS), Sport Commission (SC), Registrar of Youth (ROY) to implement health promotion activities and programmes.

4. What are the conditions for implementing the activities ?
All successful applicants must adhere to adopt health public policy prepared by the Board in their projects and activities. Grant recipients must acknowledge and recognise MySihat either orally or through the use of non-verbal communication materials in all health promotion events or activities funded by the Board.

5. How can one get more information about the MySihat's grant ?
Applicants can get detail information from the web site of MySihat (www.mysihat.gov.my) or contact directly the officer in Program Planning and Evaluation Division through telephone: 03-8311 9300

6. Where can one obtain the grant application form ?
Application of grant must use the official form which can be downloaded from:www.mysihat.moh.gov.my.

7. Is there a closing date for the grant application ?
Yes. Grant application opens from 1 January till 30 September of each year.

8. Where should one send the complete application form ?
Complete application form should be forward to:
Chief Executive Officer,
Malaysian Health Promotion Board (MySihat)
Unit No.13-4, Aras 4, Galleria Cyberjaya,
Jalan Teknokrat 6, Cyber 5,
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

9. How can one contact MySihat ?
MySihat can be contacted through:
Tel: 03 - 8311 9300
Fax: 03 - 8322 5959
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

10. Is there any priority area for health promotion programme when one applies for the grant?
Yes. The Board gives priority to the following areas for health promotion.
a. Prevention and control of tobacco and alcohol consumption
b. Promotion of healthy lifestyles, including promotion of exercise/physical activity and healthy eating
c. Environmental health including healthy settings
d. Mental health
e. Cancer prevention
f. Diabetes prevention
g. Cardiovascular disease prevention
h. Prevention of obesity
i. Sexual health (including HIV/AIDS)
j. Research in health promotion
k. Promoting health through sport, cultural and arts activities

11. Is the grant offered divided into categories?
Yes. There are five ( 5 ) categories of grant offered by MySihat.
a. Health promotion
b. Sport & recreation
c. Cultural
d. Research
e. Capacity building

12. When will the status of the application make known to the applicant?
The applicant will be informed about the status of the grant application after the Technical Committee of the respective category meet and decide. MySihat will inform the outcome to the applicant in writing.

13. How can one checked on the outcome of application?
The applicant can contact tel: 03 - 8311 9300 to find out.

14. If the grant is approved, what actions need to be taken by the applicant?
Successful applicant should return a set of completed documents including the following:
a. Borang Persetujuan Menerima Tawaran Geran MySihat within 28 days from date of the offer letter, Surat Tawaran Geran Ex Graatia MySihat
b. Signed Surat Tawaran Geran EX Gratia MySihat
c. The latest Plan of Implementation
d. Detail budget plan

15. How is the process of payment like?
Payment is carried out by the following procedure:
Phase 1
After the applicant submit the completed documents including:
a. Borang Persetujuan Menerima Tawaran Geran MySihat
b. Signed Surat Tawaran Geran Ex Gratia
Phase 2
After the applicant submit the completed documents including:
a. The latest Plan of Implementation
b. Detail budget plan
Phase 3
After the project is fully implemented and submit a complete final report.

16. Is there a final report format which can be used as a guideline?
Yes. The format can be downloaded from the web site of MySihat: www.mysihat.gov.my

17. What actions can be taken if the agency fails to submit the final report?
The agency must submit the final report within 2 months after the project is completed. Failing which, MySihat has the rights to use the discretion for discontinuing the payment.

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