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MySihat Objective & Function


  1. To develop the capacity of organisations, including health related and community based, for health promotion.
  2. To plan and implement health promotion programmes and activities for the benefit of the community, with a particular focus on youth.
  3. To develop and support multi-strategy programmes that promotes and support healthy lifestyles and healthy environment through various settings and sectors.
  4. To develop and support programmes to improve population health by preventing, reducing or stopping the use of tobacco products.
  5. To fund research relevant to health promotion; and
  6. To fund and support sporting, recreational and cultural organisations to promote healthy lifestyles and healthy environments.


  1. To prepare guideline for giving, evaluate grant application and disburse grant.
  2. To determine term and conditions for giving grant, including amount that may be approved.
  3. To plan, develop and implement action, plans and programmes for strengthening and developing capacity for health promotion.
  4. To assess and determine the types and extent of health promotion activities to be supported by the Board.
  5. To liaise, assist and collaborate with international organization with similar missions and objectives for mutual support and development of health promotion.
  6. To consult with relevant government agencies and departments and non-governmental organisations affected by the operation of the Act 651.
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